A Napoli Noi Mangiamo Cosi

Owners Jill & Agostino Iacullo

Agostino and Jill, a romantic meeting on a cruise ship more than 30 years ago. Today, the chance collaboration begun then has inspired one of the acknowledged finest restaurants in Northeast Ohio. Stino, from Naples, was a waiter on the ship; Jill, a vacationing passenger, a registered nurse at Cleveland Clinic. The stuff of a Hollywood movie! After marrying in Italy in 1980, they returned to Cleveland, where 11 years later, on this side street nestled in downtown Rocky River, they opened a small store-front carryout. It grew over the years to become the stylish, and award-winning, Stino da Napoli. No surprise that customers, including many famous sports celebrities in town, and stars from Hollywood, too (maybe scouting scenes for that movie) return time after time. As Stino explains, “Our patrons are our friends.” And Stino da Napoli is looking ahead, as always. Christian, the youngest of Jill and Stino’s three children, has returned from college to manage the growing sauce business and become a partner in the restaurant. It can only get better.

simple and great tasting

Authentic Italian Cuisine