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ItalyFor over 15 years, Stino da Napoli has been making culinary masterpieces for Clevelanders to enjoy. Stino is regarded as one of Cleveland's finest chefs due in part to his use of only the freshest, quality ingredients in his creations. As Vivaldi created Italy's best classical masterpieces, Stino has created a menu chock-full of wonderful Italian dishes featuring authentic, homemade sauces and dressings.


Due to popular demand, Stino's sauces and dressings that have catapulted his reputation to the top are now available for you to use in your own creations. From our Arrabbiata sauce whose red pepper flakes adds spicy notes to any meal to our signature Vesuvio® sauce that evokes the alive volcano Vesuvius; you can bring alive any pasta or meat dish with Stino's sauces. If it's a sunny day in Napoli that you long for, try Stino's Filetto di Pomodoro whose tomatoes filleted of their skins provide the canvass for a sauce recalling sunny Napoli days freshened by the sea air.

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